Yutaro Keino




Taki Wspaniały Dzień | On Perfect Day (16min/Drama) | Poland ©pwsftvit


Zeszłego Roku u Bezdomnych (Documentary) | Last Year at Vagrants' | Poland ©pwsftvit


弔いの火 | The Mourning Fire (85min/Drama) | Japan Trailer 2014



Diary Summer 2016



Born in 1990, Tokyo Japan.

B.A., graduated from Waseda University School of Humanities and Social Science, Theatre and Film Arts in 2013.

2010-2011 Completed one year study abroad program at the University of California Irvine.

2013-2014 FAMU, Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. M.F.A, Cinema & Digital Media in Directing. Left.

2015- PWSFTviT, The Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź, Poland. M.A., in Film and Television Directing.

2010 Oct. Released the first issue of a film magazine Cinema Critique Mirage (映画批評 MIRAGE) as an editor & writer. Six more issues have been released since then.

Sticky Film Production Collective, Numa no Kai.

1990年 東京生まれ

2013年 早稲田大学文学部演劇映像コース卒業

2010−2011年 カリフォルニア大学アーバイン校留学

2013−2014年 チェコ国立プラハ芸術アカデミー映画学部 FAMU シネマ・デジタルメディア演出科修士課程中退


2010年10月− 映画批評MIRAGEの発刊 編集・執筆 以来6号を刊行

Sticky Film Production Collective、沼の会